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Building Our Story

Learn more about our project in partnership with the Earl Scruggs Center and the Uptown Shelby Association started in 2022 to highlight uptown businesses and their history.

Our StoryBoards

In 2022, the Earl Scruggs Center, Historic Shelby Foundation, and Uptown Shelby Association joined forces to create an enriching experience for Uptown Shelby and its community called the “Building Our Story” campaign. This collaboration aimed to offer a unique opportunity for both tourists and longtime residents to engage with the rich history of the area while exploring local businesses and buildings. 

The "Building Our Story" Campaign involved the creation of story boards, pictured here, that provide a concise overview of the history of each participating building. These story boards highlight key aspects such as previous businesses that have occupied the space, the various uses of the building over time, and may include old photographs for added historical context. ​We believe that by showcasing the stories behind our buildings, we can not only educate and inspire but also create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages exploration and appreciation of our shared history.

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